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Do What You Love

I’ve spent five years working in the financial industry, and while my job has been wonderful to me financially it’s not where my heart is. My heart and passion are in writing and expressing myself creatively. Today begins my journey towards becoming my own boss. I am progressively looking for small work-from-home side hustles so I can build a nice savings account while I work to establish myself and my blog. Hopefully within the next year I can have myself well established and with a decent enough monthly income from my blogging that I can make my passion a full-time career.

I’ve learned as I near my 30’s that life isn’t all about money. Life is about living each moment with joy. I know you can’t pay the rent with ‘joy,’ but what if you could? What if doing what made you happy could support you? What if it could support you more so than you current day job? I truly believe it can. I look at these bloggers with these success stories. Bloggers who monthly bring in well more than I currently do. I’ve decided it’s time for a change. I know the changes will be small and gradual, but I have faith that I can achieve my dreams.

It will take time and drive. I know I won’t immediately pull in the funds, but with dedication I will succeed. I invite you to follow me on this journey as I will be open and honest with my monthly income from my writing and my side hustle. I will tell you what I feel I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong.

To start I have applied with the following companies. This is just the beginning of my side hustle.

Text Broker

Both of these will allow me the opportunity to bring in extra income to put towards my savings and debt so I can begin this journey towards becoming a full-time blogger and freelance writer.

Wish me luck and say a little prayer because I’m starting at $0, but hope to reach a regular stream of $5,000 a month in 12 months time!


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