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Life Updates and Amazing Beauty Products

First things first let’s talk life updates! So Tuesday will be my last day at my job and the anticipation is mounting. I am still unemployed and slightly terrified. I know everything will be ok though. I had a really good interview for a state job that will pay better than my current job so I am praying that comes through. I am also returning to school for Interactive Multimedia and will start my Twitch stream back up. So that’s going to be exciting. More to come on that in the future though let’s get focused on my reason for writing today.


You might be asking ‘what is Arbonne?’ I know the first time I heard about it I wondered. Arbonne is not your average healthy living company. Everything they sell is good for you! All of their products are vegan friendly and they last. They have long lasting and fantastic cosmetics, amazing hair products and excellent skin care regimens. On top of that they sell AMAZING dietary aids. These things are fantastic and they’re free of any kinds of chemicals or unhealthy ingredients that many of their competitors have as well as being 100% vegan friendly.

So I went to an Arbonne party hosted by my fantastic friend Lauren and I got an awesome free makeover. Let’s talk about the foundation and the brush she used first. I had some acne that day, and this product left my face looking airbrushed. I was blown away and it lasted me for over 8 hours! It’s water based and fantastic. I went outside with it on, I sweated, I cooked, I cleaned up, and I even took a small nap (not recommended to sleep in your makeup). This stuff did not budge until I washed it off! It was amazing.

The products I’m talking about are the Got You Covered Mineral Powder and the Mineral Powder Brush.

I will definitely be adding these to my cosmetics collection in the future. If you want to check out more of their products visit my friend Lauren’s store for all of their amazing things. Also don’t forget to check back here regularly for updates on some of their fantastic products!

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I’m not much of a risk taker. I have lately been telling myself I want to be one. To my readers I’m sorry I haven’t posted lately, but I’ve been dealing with a lot the last week.

First off I wanted to make this post one to promote my amazing friend and her new business venture, but I feel I need to take a moment to be a bit selfish so I can share an update on my life.

So I typically talk about wanting to pay off my debt and my goals to make this blog something that will be a financial benefit. That is still my goal, but this week I took a huge risk that might shake up the course of things for a while. Currently I have a job with a company that I have been a part of for almost five years. It’s a very high stress job and it’s tearing me apart. To help put things into perspective the depression and anxiety I feel daily wasn’t even this high when I lost my mother. I sit at work feeling sick to my stomach everyday due to the insane pressure of just completing my assignments on time. I’ve barely slept, and I struggle with eating everyday. Normally I come home and have a good cry while trying to force feed myself. Yesterday I decided I’d had enough. After a confrontation with my direct supervisor and a panic attack on the drive home that nearly caused me to have to pull over I called my dad and we discussed what I could do to better handle the situation. After a five minutes we came to the perfect solution.

Today I handed in my two week notice.

It was definitely a risk. I have nothing to fall back on right now. I have some stuff sitting on the side that I could consider, but nothing confirm and that terrifies me. My first reaction was to have a minor panic attack after I sent the resignation, but as the day went on and my coworkers spoke to me I felt a weight lift off of me. I’m still emotionally exhausted but I feel for the first in a long time I’ll actually sleep well tonight. I had people come up and congratulate me, and then when I told them I had nothing to fall back on stare at me in amazement. Some said I was crazy, but others said they admired my boldness. You’ve all seen my debt and as you know I’m constantly broke and living paycheck to paycheck. So I decided what’s better, broke and happy or broke and miserable? The answer is obvious.

So here I go. Off to figure out what the heck I’m doing with myself. Wish me luck and hopefully I don’t fall flat on my face.