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10 Free Money Making & Saving Apps Worth Having

Hey everyone! I hope you find yourselves well today. I’ve been doing a bit of cleaning up around the blog particularly in rebranding it. Let me know what you guys think of it. Did you prefer the old name of Confessions of a Fashionista better? If so please let me know in the comments below!


Onto the topic of the day 10 Free Money Making & Saving Apps Worth Having. Part of my side hustle has been to save money and earn money using various apps on my phone that make it even easier!

  • Shopkick – Ok so I’m sure you’ve heard of this by now, but if you haven’t or you have and still haven’t downloaded it you absolutely have to click the link and get it! You earn points that can be put towards gift cards for your favorite stores literally just for walking in. Scan items and get even more points. Buy items by attaching your card to the app and yes you’re getting even more points. It is so easy to rack up the points. As a Target shopper I can literally walk in, spend about 20 minutes shopping and scanning things as I pass and walk out easily with over 200 points. The app also has in app offers you can just click on to find hidden points. (Android/iOS)
  • Slidejoy – This app is so easy to use. You literally have to do nothing! That’s right you set it up, it shows an ad on your lock screen and you earn credit for it. The phone behaves normally, it goes to sleep, it unlocks the same way, everything works like normal it just has an ad on it. I haven’t even noticed a change in my battery life from using it. In just a few months I earned $10 in gift cards and a $2 PayPal cash credit. You can even set it up for ‘Hero Mode’ where your money automatically gets donated to the charity of your choice! (Android)
  • Ibotta – The ease of use this app offers really blew up a few months back and it’s still going strong. So how do you use it? Pick your store, pick your items, add them to your list, take a picture of your receipt and wait for your rebate to deposit! Yes it is that easy. You’re literally making a grocery list and sending a pic of your receipt to get money back. How exciting is that? (Android/iOS)
  • Foap – I admit I haven’t used this one yet. If my Instagram feed on the side is any indication I don’t take many pictures and when I do they’re subpar at best. Still if you’re an Instagram junkie or just love taking pictures like my sister this app may be right up your alley. You can sell your images online as stock photography. Each picture goes for around $10 and you’ll just get the money deposited into your PayPal account. Maybe one day I’ll add something there. (Android/iOS)
  • ReceiptHog – This is an even simpler version of Ibotta as you don’t have to make a list and shop at specified locations. Just take a picture of your receipt, earn your points and cash them in for Amazon or PayPal cash.  (Android/iOS)
  • Google Opinion Rewards – This is an Android only application, but it’s simple and free. All you have to do is take some brief surveys and you’ll earn credit towards your Google Play account. That credit can be used towards the purchase of apps, music or even movies! (Android)
  • FreePrints –  (Use code rflesch1 to get 5 extra prints per month) This is not a money making app, but it’s a big money saver if you like to print pictures. I know I said I don’t take many pictures, but in the past I’ve taken quite a few when on vacation. Printing them for scrap booking and framing can be extremely expensive, but with FreePrints you receive 100 prints every month that are actually good quality. You only have to pay shipping and handling and they even have bonus’s like free photo books! I absolutely love this app! (Android/iOS/Windows/Amazon)
  • Postmates – (Use code lrwud to get $10 off your order) Once again this isn’t a money maker, but it’s a money and time saver! Postmates delivers merchandise and restaurant food to your home without the hassle of having to go out yourself. They cover everything from your favorite sit-down eateries to fast food restaurants as well as hardware stores and auto shops. This is excellent for anyone who may not have the time or ability to get everywhere they need to go in one day. (Android/iOS)
  • GigWalk – When I first got this app there were a limited selection of gigs in my areas. It’s rapidly expanding though and gigs are filling up fast! Currently there is a gig in my area to earn $32 just for following their simple instructions in reviewing a specific McDonalds location. This app is fantastic for quick and easy cash! (Android/iOS)
  • Iconzoomer – This one is really easy and another great earning app. It gives you assignments like ‘take a picture of your lunch and tells us what you’re eating’ or ‘take a picture of your favorite pair of shoes and tell us why you love them.’ Then you can earn cash deposited directly into your PayPal account or even charitable donations. (Android/iOS)